Before we get to the tutorials and troubleshooting I thought I’d let you know a bit about myself. I’m Jason, and I’m from Australia. I’ve been doing technical support for over ten years with over six of them supporting Apple products for AppleCare. I’m an Apple Certified Technician, though I’ve generally stayed away from the hardware repair side of things, as I have very unsteady hands, which is usually not something that it great for dealing with small screws and expensive, small and delicate parts. So, the majority of my support experience has been over the phone, guiding people of random skills sets through solving issues and learning how to use their devices to achieve their desired goals.

I also have a number of Apple devices and which I continue to work with regularly, both personally and professionally. I’ve liked computers and gadgets since I was young and that developed further while studying IT at university. After I finished my degree and travelling overseas a bit, I got into the tech support industry.

From my time providing technical support to people I found that it’s best to get people to achieve the best outcome for them, rather than promoting the latest and greatest thing that will do everything. My whole view on technology is that it should be about improving the life of the user, whether by making tasks easier, more efficient or faster. Promoting people to upgrade to the latest device simply because it’s available, or advise someone to get a device because it has all the features, when they will never use them and will often cause greater confusion has been something that I definitely steer clear from.

So, with my latest endeavor into blogging and video guides I’m hoping to give advice to people so that they can get the right device for them, and then get the most value out of that device.

I look forward to this latest challenge and I hope that you enjoy the content that I’m able to provide you with. Look forward to new iOS content every Monday and Mac content on Thursdays.