About My Mac Computer

On Tuesday I told you a bit about the iOS devices that I’ve got, now today I’m going to go through my Mac devices. I’ve had more experience with Macs and I first got to use a Mac computer way back in 1995 while I was still in primary school. I went to a small school and we had the one computer for students and got to use it very rarely.

I also started working for AppleCare in the Mac team and providing support for the computers before supporting the iOS devices a few years later.

After that I got my first Mac in 2012, a few years after I had started providing technical support for Apple. It was a refurbished MacBook Pro 2.4 Ghz Quad-core Intel i7 (15-inch Late 2011), that originally came with a 512Gb HDD, and 4Gb of RAM. After a few years I upgraded the HDD to a 1Tb Samsung 840 SSD drive and put in 16Gb of RAM. This was about the last MacBook that you could upgrade the RAM and HDD, and was a feature that I liked about it. Upgrading the computer extended its life for a few more years until late in 2017 there was a power blackout, and despite the computer being plugged into a surge protector, it caused issues with the graphics card.

After the forced retirement of my old computer I got a new MacBook Pro. This time I got a refurbished MacBook Pro 3.1 Ghz Quad-core Intel i7 with Retina display (15 inch 2017), with 16Gb of RAM and a 2Tb SSD HDD.

I got the refurbished models as it comes with all of the same coverage as the new model and there is no effect on the performance of the machine. I’ve tended to get the highest specs available, especially on the latest model, as I wanted the computer to last for a long time and the newer models are no longer upgradeable. So, I spent the extra money now to hopefully save money later. Also, I do video editing and work with photos on it so I wanted the extra performance.

Device List

[adrotate banner=”8″] While this is the model of the new MacBook Pro that I’ve got, I usually wouldn’t recommend it to people unless they were doing video editing or photo editing work and had to be able to move the computer around to different places.


Next week I’m going to start with some troubleshooting for iOS devices not starting and teaching you how to do a PRAM reset.