About My iOS Devices


The iPod touch was my first iOS device, which I got basically to store and listen to all my music.


My first and current iPhone was the iPhone 6 plus (128 Gb). I brought the phone as I had issues with 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 breaking down with motherboard issues and the warranty on it being expired. I was also getting trained to support iOS devices at the time having been in the Mac and peripherals department previously. So, with needing a new phone and also the extra experience using the iPhone would be helpful for work, I purchased the latest model of the iPhone available at the time. I purchased that in about February of 2015 and haven’t had any issues with it so far. On the whole, I’m quite pleased with the phone, the only real complaints that I’ve got about it is the storage not being upgradeable, and the battery replacement not being as easy as some other devices.

I’ve had a look at some of the newer phones and while they do have some improved specs and the better quality camera would be nice, I can’t justify the cost unless my current phone stops working and I need a replacement. I’m hoping that my current phone will continue to last for a bit longer though.

The other iOS device that I have is an iPad Air 2 (128 Gb), which I got in June of 2016. I use this device for filming my videos, music and movies, and playing some games. Once again, the main complaint that I’ve got about the device is non-upgradeable storage. The better quality camera would be the main reason I would get a newer model, along with the larger screen size, but while my current one is working I couldn’t really justify the expense.


With my devices, I generally tend to go for the best models with the largest storage available at the time of purchase. I then try to keep them performing for as long as possible and extend the life of the devices to get as much out of them as possible.


I also have an Apple TV 4th Generation, which runs the latest tvOS as well. Along with the computer and these other devices I get the benefits of the complete Apple ecosystem with integration for iCloud, apple ID, and continuity enabling me to continue work from one device to another and answer texts and phone calls on whatever device that I’m on at the time.


So while the devices do have their disadvantages, the iPad and iPhone do provide a reliable option for people, and especially if you have other devices in the Apple ecosystem can prove to be time saving devices.


Links to My Current Devices

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